Depression Management in the Workplace

Depression Management in the Workplace (DMW) Intervention

DMW Presentation

The DMW Purchase intervention consisted of a Power Point presentation followed by a scripted role play with the audience.  The presentation addressed the prevalence and economic impact of depression in the workplace, the return on investment many employers can realize from improving depression treatment, and actions that employers can take to realize this return on investment.

DMW Notebook

All participants received a notebook at the time of the DMW Purchase presentation that included an estimate of the return on investment their company could expect with the purchase of a high quality depression care management product.  These estimates were derived from a calculator developed from a randomized trial demonstrating the impact of depression care management intervention on employee absenteeism and productivity at work.

DMW Booster

The DMW Purchase presentation was followed by three emails sent to participants 15, 17, and 19 months later.  Each email reminded participants of the major messages in the presentation and invited them to link to a humorous video on depression in the workplace.


Depression can have a debilitating effect on the productivity and morale in the workforce... but it can be successfully treated.