Depression Management in the Workplace

HEDIS Quality Improvement Intervention

HEDIS Presentation

The HEDIS Quality Improvement intervention consisted of a Power Point presentation followed by a scripted role play with the audience. The presentation addressed the prevalence and impact of depression in the community, the use of HEDIS indicators to monitor the quality of depression treatment health plans provide, and actions that employers can take to improve depression treatment quality.

  • Making Life Better: Purchasing Improved Depression Care
  • PowerPoint Transcript
  • Audience Role Play
HEDIS Notebook

All participants received a notebook at the time of the HEDIS Quality Improvement presentation that included the most recent HEDIS scores for acute phase outpatient depression treatment for all health plans in their area.

  • HEDIS Indication Example
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Scientific Articles
HEDIS Booster

The HEDIS Quality Improvement presentation was followed by three emails sent to participants 15, 17, and 19 months later. Each email reminded participants of the major messages in the presentation and invited them to link to a humorous video on depression in the workplace.

  • First email and link
  • Second email and link
  • Third email and link

Depression can have a debilitating effect on the productivity and morale in the workforce... but it can be successfully treated.