Depression Management in the Workplace


The Depression Management in the Workplace Study randomized employers to participate in one of two educational presentations to increase employer efforts to improve the depression treatment their employees receive.  Both presentations were provided by Donna Marshall MBA, Executive Director of the Colorado Business Group on Health at 

The first presentation – Depression Management in the Workplace (DMW) – encouraged employers to purchase a depression care management product from a health plan, disease management company, or managed behavioral healthcare organization so that all depressed employees have the opportunity to receive depression care management.

The second presentation – HEDIS Quality Improvement – encouraged employers to urge their most subscribed health plan to improve its HEDIS Indicator for Acute Phase Outpatient Depression Treatment by: (a) providing feedback to primary care physicians about their depression treatment rates, (b) providing access to antidepressant medication at no higher than Tier 2 copayments, and (c) reducing copayments for outpatient mental health visits to 20% or $20/visit.

Depression can have a debilitating effect on the productivity and morale in the workforce... but it can be successfully treated.