Depression Management in the Workplace


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  1. Depression Care Management: Can Employers Purchase Improved Outcomes?
  2. Do Employers Know the Quality of Health Care Benefits They Provide? Use of HEDIS Depression Scores for Health Plans
  3. Employer Purchasing of Depression Management Products Before and After Implementation of the Affordable Care Act
  4. Employer, Purchasing Group, and Vendor Characteristics Associated with Depression Product Purchasing Behavior
  5. Firm Characteristics Associated with Organizational Support for Risk-Taking in Providing Employee Health Benefits
  6. Intervention Impact on Employer Influence in Depression Product Discussions
  7. Intervention Impact on Depression Product Appraisal and Purchasing Behavior by Employers: A Randomized Trial
  8. Marketing Depression Care Management to Employers: Design of a Randomized Controlled Trial
  9. Peer Influence on Change in Employer Appraisal of Depression Care Management Products
  10. Purchaser Preferences in Strategies to Improve Depression Treatment
  11. The Potential for Brokers to Market Depression Products to Employers as Health Plan Add-Ons
  12. Understanding the "Black Box" of Employer Decisions about Health Insurance Benefits: The Case of Depression Products
  13. Work Productivity Loss from Depression: Evidence from an Employer Survey

Depression can have a debilitating effect on the productivity and morale in the workforce... but it can be successfully treated.