Depression Care Management

It's a proven fact. With our help, you can take back control of your life by dealing with depression.

Depression is surprisingly common. One out of every 14 people suffer from depression each year. If you would like to feel better than you do right now, we can help. Over two dozen studies show that depressed individuals who receive Depression Care Management feel significantly better than individuals who do not.

Depression Care Management is a program where personal care managers provide compassionate and confidential one-to-one outreach and ongoing support as individuals work to recover from their depression. Many individuals have this benefit available through their employer (health plan, disease management vendor or employee assistance program). Other individuals decide to pay for care management themselves. Still others work through their primary care physician to get high quality depression treatment. Feel better about yourself. Improve your relationships with family, friends and co-workers. Get the personal care, information and support you need

Depression can take away your best moments... but it can be successfully treated.

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